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    1. Anodizing Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe anodizing aluminium extrusion profile has strong resistance to abrasion, weather, and corrosion.
      With high hardness, the aluminum extrusion profile is suitable for making various construction and industrial materials.
    1. Electrophoresis Aluminium Extrusion ProfileIt has excellent paint adhesion, so the paint does not fall off or age easily.
      The electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile has better abrasion, weather and alkaline resisting properties than the anodizing aluminum extrusion profile.
    1. Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe powder coating aluminium extrusion profile offers good abrasion, weather and corrosion resistance.
      Powder coating has superior hiding power, with good masking effect.
      The aluminium extrusion profile with powder coating is available in many colors ...
    1. Wood Grain Powder Coated Aluminium ProfileThe wood grain powder coated aluminium profile is distinctive in that it provides unique vividness, good endurance of temperature, anti-corrosion and easy maintenance.
      The wood grain on the aluminium profile is lifelike.
    1. PVDF Coating ProfileWith good weatherability, the PVDF coating profile is resistant to UV degradation and chalking, and can retain its color and luster for a long period of time.
      It is chemical resistant, with acid tolerance, liquid alkali corrosion protection, air pollution ...
    1. Wood-Aluminium ProfileThe wood-aluminium profile is thermal insulating, energy saving, and wind and sand resistant.
      It is anti-freezing, dew condensation resistant, and prevents noise form outside the window.
      The wood-aluminum profile uses heat insulating aluminum alloy profile and wood plastic composite ...
    1. Curtain Wall Aluminium ProfileProfile Thickness: 0.5mm - 5.0mm
      Surface Treatment: Anodized, Powder Coated, Electrophoresis, Wood Grain Powder Coated
      Anodized: Sliver, Champagne, Golden, Bronze
    1. Industry Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe industry aluminium extrusion profile is widely used in the fields of architecture, radiators, solar water heaters, bumpers, cars, and many others.
      Delivery Time: 25 days after receipt of your order.

China Aluminum Profile Group is a professional aluminium extrusion profile manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a vast range of products, including anodizing aluminium extrusion profile, aluminium sliding window profile, thermal break aluminium window, aluminium alloy casement door, and others.

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