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    1. Anodizing Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe anodizing aluminium extrusion profile has strong resistance to abrasion, weather, and corrosion.
      With high hardness, the aluminum extrusion profile is suitable for making various construction and industrial materials.
    1. Electrophoresis Aluminium Extrusion ProfileIt has excellent paint adhesion, so the paint does not fall off or age easily.
      The electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile has better abrasion, weather and alkaline resisting properties than the anodizing aluminum extrusion profile.
    1. Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe powder coating aluminium extrusion profile offers good abrasion, weather and corrosion resistance.
      The aluminium extrusion profile with powder coating is available in many colors, and can meet different decoration needs of customers.
    1. Wood Grain Powder Coated Aluminium ProfileThe wood grain powder coated aluminium profile is distinctive in that it provides unique vividness, good endurance of temperature, anti-corrosion and easy maintenance.
      The wood grain on the aluminium profile is lifelike.
    1. PVDF Coating ProfileWith good weatherability, the PVDF coating profile is resistant to UV degradation and chalking, and can retain its color and luster for a long period of time.
      It is chemical resistant, with acid tolerance, liquid alkali corrosion protection ...
    1. Wood-Aluminium ProfileThe wood-aluminium profile is thermal insulating, energy saving, and wind and sand resistant.
      It is anti-freezing, dew condensation resistant, and prevents noise form outside the window.
      The wood-aluminum profile uses heat insulating aluminum alloy profile and wood plastic composite ...
    1. Curtain Wall Aluminium ProfileMaterial Type: 6063A, 6063, 6061
      Surface Treatment: Anodized, Powder Coated, Electrophoresis, Wood Grain Powder Coated
      Anodized: Sliver, Champagne, Golden, Bronze
    1. Industry Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe industry aluminium extrusion profile is widely used in the fields of architecture, radiators, solar water heaters, bumpers, cars, and many others.
      Delivery Time: 25 days after receipt of your order.
    1. 708 Aluminium Sliding WindowThe 708 aluiminium sliding window offers reasonable section structure and a complete range of window-sash material options of hollow glass and common single glass. It can be fixed with crescent locks, with luxurious, elegant appearance, smooth operation, good economy and environment friendliness.
    1. 808 Aluminium Sliding WindowMulti-layer sealing, and soft contact between window sash and frame, prevents metallic clunk resulting from air vibration. The aluminum sliding window uses the hollow glass with reasonable design which provides good heat and sound insulation.
    1. T86 Aluminium Sliding WindowThe aluminium sliding window provides reasonable section structural design and great wind pressure resistance. Equipped with 5mm+9A+5mm hollow glass and hook lock or multi-point lock, the window looks luxurious, elegant, and is eco-friendly, economical and practical.
    1. 50B Inside Hung Aluminium WindowWith high strength, safety and durability, the inside hung aluminium window is suitable for public high-rise buildings and residential houses.
      Quality hardware fittings are used, which makes the window open and close flexibly, easy to use and lasting.
    1. 50B Outside Hung Aluminium WindowOur 50B outside hung aluminium window has won national patent.
      The universal outside hung aluminum window can be fitted with friction hinges to meet different window-opening requirements.
    1. 50B Tilt Turn Aluminum WindowThe regular tilt turn aluminum window can be designed into in-swinging casement or tilt and turn window to meet different customer requirements in terms of the opening method.
      The window uses multipoint locking, ensuring uniform sealing, safety and reliability.
    1. GR58M Thermal Break Aluminium WindowWith good seal between window sash and frame, the thermal break aluminium window provides excellent air tightness and noise insulation performance.
      Two opening modes include in-swinging and out-swinging types.
    1. GR58 Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)The thermal break window comes with bar inserting type design, and uses standard European-style hardware.
      The tilt turn aluminium window only needs a small variety of profiles, and uses the same material for frame.
    1. GR63B Thermal Break Aluminium WindowRequiring a small variety of profiles, the thermal break aluminium window is easy to make. It has two opening modes: the tilt mode and the turn mode. There is complete soft contact between the sash and window, avoiding metallic hard contact. 5mm+9A+6mm thick hollow glass is used to ensure real heat ...
    1. GR69N Thermal Break Casement WindowThe GR69N thermal break casement window is one of our national patented products.
      Specification: GR69N (frame thickness 61 mm)
      The thermal break casement window has excellent heat-insulating property and attractive design.
    1. GR69N Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)Designed on the basis of new concept in Europe and equipressure principle, it provides improved air and water tightness to effectively block heat transfer.
      Equipped with appropriate profile, thermal barrier strip, hollow glass and other accessories ...
    1. GR90 Sliding Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)The sliding aluminium window has reasonable cross-section structure and great wind load resistance, using 5mm+9A+5mm hollow glass. It can be fixed with crescent lock, manual hook lock, or multi-points lock. With luxurious and elegant appearance, the thermal break window is economical, practical and eco-friendly.
    1. GR838 Sliding Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)With superior sound- and heat-insulating and energy-saving performance, the thermal break aluminium window is an ideal choice for high-grade luxurious houses, office buildings, and high-rise buildings.
      Using few materials on average, the sliding aluminum window is easy to process.
    1. HJ2008 Thermal Break Aluminium Casement WindowThe HJ2008 thermal break aluminium casement window provides outstanding performance, with wind load resistance, water penetration, air permeability, heat transmission coefficient and sound insulation conforming to Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings (effective as of July 1, 2005).
    1. Aluminium Sliding DoorThe aluminium sliding door offers good decorative effects. It can be designed in various colors and types with smooth surface and small frame-to-glass ratio. Also it can be made to offer large-size mesh divisions, which lends modern and elegant charm to architecture.
    1. Thermal Break Lift Sliding Aluminium DoorThe thermal break lift sliding aluminium door is easy to operate with remote control (or button) and suitable for users of all ages.
      It uses hollow glass with more than four times the thickness of common hollow glass (6mm) ...
    1. Thermal Break Tilt Sliding Aluminium DoorThe sliding door saves indoor space for ventilation compared to an in-swinging door.
      Multi-point locking helps ensure good seal and heat insulation performance of the thermal break tilt sliding aluminum door.
    1. Thermal Break Aluminium DoorIn short, the thermal break aluminium door offers reliable performance in terms of wind load resistance, water and air tightness, heat and sound insulation, and is compliant with the national standards for energy conservation of buildings. It can not only greatly reduce energy consumption for heating ...
    1. Aluminum Alloy Casement Door (Thermal Break Door)Sturdy and durable, the thermal break door prevents outdoor wind, dust and smoke to keep indoor environment clean and healthy.
      There are a variety of patterns and surface treatment which includes anodizing, electrophoretic painting ...
    1. GR70M Thermal Break Folding Sliding Aluminium DoorThe thermal break folding sliding aluminium door comes with simple design, and saves 70% space for opening than a common door.
      The luxurious and elegant folding sliding door can be designed in two colors inside and outside ...
    1. Wood-Aluminium Door and WindowThe wood-aluminium door and window provides flat-open, flat-open & top-hung, push-pull, folded and other opening modes.
      It has good tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, rain protection, and burglary prevention function ...

China Aluminum Profile Group is a leading aluminum profile manufacturer and supplier, located in China. We provide a wide variety of products, including aluminium extrusion profile, aluminium window profile, aluminium sliding window profile, wood-aluminium profile, casement aluminium window, sliding aluminium window, thermal break aluminium door, aluminium alloy casement door, and many others. Our products are economical and practical, with good performance in terms of heat and sound insulation, water and air tightness, and corrosion resistance. Hence, they have found numerous applications both domestically and overseas.

Quality is the highest priority for the staff at China Aluminum Profile Group. Our fifty state-of-the-art production lines include PVDF coating lines from France, Mitsubishi extrusion equipment from Japan, vertical spray coating lines from Italy, and other advanced equipment. Key components and parts from the United States, Britain,France, Italy, Switzerland,Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere also help ensure the unsurpassed quality of our products. In addition to the superior performance of our advanced manufacturing equipment, the collaborative relationships we have with many enterprises, including Deck (Belgium), ABS (France), Alumex (Uruguay), ROSI Group (Russia), Sultana and Feliciano (Puerto Rico), Giftstar (Uzbekistan), Crown Alliance (Singapore), Jalex and Island Glass (Jamaica), Baolin Textiles, Alumax (The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago), and other fine companies, enable us to provide superior aluminum products to customers around the globe. These mutual relationships have contributed to our ability of providing the highest quality products for our worldwide customers. Furthermore, the use of an ERP management system effectively improves our efficiency and results in optimum allocation of resources. This translates into reduced production costs and affordable prices for our clients. What's more, our product manufacturing and management practices are all in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

With over a decade of our ceaseless hard work, the staff at China Aluminum Profile Group has developed a complete range of products, including our anodizing aluminum extrusion profile, electrophoresis aluminum extrusion profile, powder coating aluminum extrusion profile, PVDF coating profile, and thermal break aluminum profile (our leading product). Our exceptional products comprise 115 lines totaling over 7,000 models. Our own original and unique design of the GABRIEL window and door & curtain wall system has won us more than 120 national patents.

With cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we at China Aluminum Profile Group are able to consistently offer dependable aluminum extrusion profiles with reliable performance. The dependability of our unsurpassed products earned us an invitation to participate in the drawing up of the Safety Specifications for Aluminum Fabrication and Clean Production Level Evaluation Criteria of the Aluminum Fabrication Industry. In addition, our "China Aluminum Profile Group" brand has been granted the status of a "Jiangxi inspection-free product" as well as a "national inspection-free product".

HUALU brand extrusion profiles have been utilized for numerous applications in key domestic and overseas projects, such as the construction of the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube, Olympic Media Village, twelve venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, venues for the 2012 Asian Beach Games, pavilions for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, venues for the National Games 2009, the Charity House in Auckland of USA, Presidential Palace of Surinam, Singapore MRT circle line, and more. Currently our products are well received in over thirty countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, Denmark, Uruguay, Ethiopia, and Surinam, to name a few.

China Aluminum Profile Group is located in the east economic development district of Anyi County, the largest wholesale market for aluminum profiles in the southern part of China. Our easy access to an abundant supply of materials, logistic facilities, and other resources in the aluminum extrusion profile industry, allows us to effectively reduce our cost and offer high quality and economically priced products to our customers.

With more than 3000 employees and a factory covering 300,000 square meters,China Aluminum Profile Group has an annual output of 200,000 tons of aluminum extrusion profiles. If you are interested in or have questions about our excellent products, please visit the appropriate product webpage, or contact us directly for more detailed information. We at China Aluminum Profile Group sincerely look forward to working with you.