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    1. 708 Aluminium Sliding WindowThe 708 aluiminium sliding window offers reasonable section structure and a complete range of window-sash material options of hollow glass and common single glass. It can be fixed with crescent locks, with luxurious, elegant appearance, smooth operation, good economy and environment friendliness.
    1. 808 Aluminium Sliding WindowMulti-layer sealing, and soft contact between window sash and frame, prevents metallic clunk resulting from air vibration. The aluminum sliding window uses the hollow glass with reasonable design which provides good heat and sound insulation.
    1. T86 Aluminium Sliding WindowThe aluminium sliding window provides reasonable section structural design and great wind pressure resistance. Equipped with 5mm+9A+5mm hollow glass and hook lock or multi-point lock, the window looks luxurious, elegant, and is eco-friendly, economical and practical.
Anodizing Aluminium Extrusion Profile

1. The aluminum sliding window moves smoothly and takes up little space, offering long span and varying partition.
2. With reasonable section design, the aluminium sliding window looks luxurious, elegant and is flexible, economical and eco-friendly.
3. The sliding window provides unique structure and excellent drainage performance. There is extra structural design for felt strips compared to the old-styled 70 series sliding window. This ensures strengthened seal between double slide tracks and better water and air tightness of the window.
4. The section of edge seal and crosspiece can be widened based on the 70 series sliding window, which improves visibility of the windowframe after the decoration of the window opening while satisfying customers' aesthetic requirement to the utmost extent.
5. With a complete range of molds and simple processing techniques, the aluminium sliding window is easy to manufacture. It requires little materials, and comes with reliable fittings, providing high quality at a low price and the maximum economy for the customers.

Type: Casement Windows
Open Style: Sliding
Open Pattern: Horizontal
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: All colors

China Aluminum Profile Group is aluminium sliding window manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including wood grain powder coated aluminium profile, thermal break aluminium window, curtain wall aluminium profile, aluminum alloy casement door, wood-aluminium door and window, and others.

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