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Aluminium Sliding Door

1. The aluminium sliding door offers good decorative effects. It can be designed in various colors and types with smooth surface and small frame-to-glass ratio. Also it can be made to offer large-size mesh divisions, which lends modern and elegant charm to architecture.
2. The aluminum sliding door provides superior service performance regarding wind pressure resistance, air permeability and rainwater penetration (which reach Chinese Standard Grade 1 or higher level). In addition, it uses thermal barrier profiles and hollow glass, with effective energy saving and no frosting or condensation. As a well-received middle- or high-grade product both domestically and overseas, the sliding door can accommodate any application need for high-grade and high-rise buildings.
3. The sliding door uses aluminium profile which has 1/3 the density of steel and high specific strength, so it is lightweight.
4. The aluminium sliding door utilizes aluminum profile with good surface treatment, offering atmospheric corrosion resistance, moisture protection, indeformability under high temperature, non-embrittlement under low temperature, sun protection, non-ageing, lightning protection and stability. It is durable and suitable for applications under different climatic conditions.
5. The aluminum profile used for the aluminium sliding door has good workability and can be processed into large, complicated sectional shape with accurate size. Such a modern aluminum sliding door can be easily manufactured with simple techniques.
6. The oxide layer on the aluminum alloy of the corrosion-resistant sliding door does not come off, and is non-fading. It is easy to maintain, with no painting required.
7. It is beneficial for environmental protection in that the waste aluminum is easy to recycle with high ratio of reutilization and no polluting is produced in the working process.
8. There is a sufficient supply of aluminum materials for producing the aluminium sliding door not only in China but in the world.

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