Thermal Break Lift Sliding Aluminium Door

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Thermal Break Lift Sliding Aluminium Door

The thermal break lift sliding aluminium door is a kind of super-high, ultra-wide and very heavy doors.

1. The thermal break aluminium door comes with scientific design. When the door knob turns 180 degree, the door will automatically lift slightly and the lockpin comes off the bracket, so the functions of the door like closing, lifting, and push-pull can be realized. With pulley transmission system and suitable aluminum alloy profiles, each door can bear weight of 250kgs, and offers maximum width of 3300mm and maximum length of 2700mm. The use of DPEM seal system contributes to the excellence of the tightness, sliding and safety of the aluminum door.
2. The lift sliding door saves users the use of pelmet inside the architecture, bringing brand-new decorative effects to the exterior.
3. The materials for the shutters come in various colors.
4. All the parts for the shutters inside the hollow glass are made of non-wearing special metal, which are semipermanent and very durable.
5. The shutters fixed inside the hollow glass keeps clean and require no cleaning.
6. The thermal break lift sliding aluminium door is easy to operate with remote control (or button) and suitable for users of all ages.
7. It uses hollow glass with more than four times the thickness of common hollow glass (6mm) and wide air space, offering excellent heat and sound insulating properties.
8. Argon is filled inside the hollow glass, so the electric motor system will never oxidize or corrode. This ensures the shutters can move up and down 50,000 times smoothly.

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