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Aluminum Profile Manufacturer in China

Established in 2000, the China Aluminum Profile Group Company is a leading aluminum profile manufacturer in China. We provide a wide variety of high quality aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum windows, and aluminum doors. Our products include an aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum window profile, aluminum sliding window, casement aluminum window, thermal break aluminum window, aluminum door profile, aluminum sliding door, wood-aluminum door and window, and more. Our outstanding products are widely used in the fields of construction, industry, curtain wall, window & door, railing, decoration, electronics, transportation, and more.

    1. Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusion Profile
    2. Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe powder coating aluminium extrusion profile offers good abrasion, weather and corrosion resistance.
      The aluminium extrusion profile with powder coating is available in many colors, and can meet different decoration needs of customers.
    1. Wood-Aluminium Profile
    2. Wood-Aluminium ProfileThe wood-aluminium profile is thermal insulating, energy saving, and wind and sand resistant.
      It is anti-freezing, dew condensation resistant, and prevents noise form outside the window.
      The wood-aluminum profile uses heat insulating aluminum alloy profile and wood plastic composite ...
    1. Industry Aluminium Extrusion Profile
    2. Industry Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe industry aluminium extrusion profile is widely used in the fields of architecture, radiators, solar water heaters, bumpers, cars, and many others.
      Delivery Time: 25 days after receipt of your order.
    1. Wood Grain Powder Coated Aluminium Profile
    2. Wood Grain Powder Coated Aluminium ProfileThe wood grain powder coated aluminium profile is distinctive in that it provides unique vividness, good endurance of temperature, anti-corrosion and easy maintenance.
      The wood grain on the aluminium profile is lifelike.
    1. Electrophoresis Aluminium Extrusion Profile
    2. Electrophoresis Aluminium Extrusion ProfileIt has excellent paint adhesion, so the paint does not fall off or age easily.
      The electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile has better abrasion, weather and alkaline resisting properties than the anodizing aluminum extrusion profile.
    1. Curtain Wall Aluminium Profile
    2. Curtain Wall Aluminium ProfileThis curtain wall aluminium profile comes in various design, which can meet needs of different curtain walls.
      The aluminum profile has good wind load resistance, water and air tightness, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction properties.

Established in 2000, China Aluminum Profile Group Jiangxi Co.,Ltd. is a worldwide aluminum profile manufacturer with more than 3000 employees, a factory covering 300,000 square meters, and an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. Our company is located in Anyi County, the eastern economic development district, and the largest wholesale market of aluminum profiles in the southern part of China.

China Aluminum Profile Group is completely outfitted with cutting edge equipment for die fabricating, billet casting, and extrusion and surface treatment methods that include anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, and wood-grained surfacing. Our products comprise 150 different series, including 12,000 product categories. We can also customize additional aluminum profile fabricating to meet all our clients' needs. The application of our products includes curtain walls, windows & doors, railings, decoration, electronics, transportation, and equipment frames. In fact, our largest extrusion equipment can bear the weight pressure of 4500 tons.

Recently, we at China Aluminum Profile Group have strengthened our technique and product development. We have introduced the "GABRIEL" system including GR838, GR90 series thermal break sliding window profiles and GR58, GR63, GR68, GR70 series thermal break side open window profiles. The system offers the features of being waterproof, airproof, heat insulated, and offering sound insulation.

We at China Aluminum Profile Group have our own software for designing, drawing, and calculating the consumption quantity of each profile. This enables us to greatly improve our efficiency. Our products are also all in strict compliance with GB5237 standard as well as the international standard.

China Aluminum Profile Group has the perfect after-sales service system. In addition to our location in the Jiangxi market, we have sales agencies/branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Dalian, Huhehot, Lanzhou, and many other cities in China. Our products are also exported to Europe, Africa, South America, and many other regions around the globe.