Thermal Break Aluminium Door

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Thermal Break Aluminium Door

1. The thermal break aluminium door provides optimized design in terms of wind load resistance, strength, rigidity and stability, so it can ensure the section inertia (I) and section resistance (W) are the highest possible while the sectional area proves the most economical.
2. The extruded profile used for the aluminum door is designed on the basis of similar product in Europe and equipressure principle, improving air and water tightness and effectively blocking heat transfer. In addition, 5+9A+5 or other types of hollow glass is utilized, contributing to the heat transmission and noise prevention properties of the aluminum door.
3. The thermal break aluminium door comes with European-standard notches and a complete range of fittings and is easy to install. The door can use both home-made parts and imported ones, so it can meet requirements of different levels.
4. The door is opened inwardly, and primarily opened for cleaning.
5. The aluminium door comes with two kinds of streamlined design, and optionally uses arc-shaped or right-angle profiles. Being graceful, simple and classic, it can meet the individual requirements for fashionable home decoration.
6. According to the local environment, double- or triple-sealing can be used between the door frame and door leaf. Triple seal effectively prevents dust from gathering indoors and inside the equipressure chamber.

In short, the thermal break aluminium door offers reliable performance in terms of wind load resistance, water and air tightness, heat and sound insulation, and is compliant with the national standards for energy conservation of buildings. It can not only greatly reduce energy consumption for heating or air conditioning, but meets the style requirement of high-grade, luxurious architecture.

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