GR70M Thermal Break Folding Sliding Aluminium Door

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GR70M Thermal Break Folding Sliding Aluminium Door

Our GR70M thermal break folding sliding aluminium door has won national patent.
Specification: GR70M (frame thickness 55mm)
Brand of hardware fittings: G-U (Germany)

1. The folding sliding aluminium door offers complete hinge connection, with no crack in the middle. Waterproof sealing strips are used for the left, right and top doorframe.
2. The thermal break aluminum door has unique, adjustable structure. The door frame can be extended an extra 20mm on the left, right and the top, so it can suit different door openings.
3. The thermal break folding sliding aluminium door comes with simple design, and saves 70% space for opening than a common door.
4. The luxurious and elegant folding sliding door can be designed in two colors inside and outside, creating good decorative effects.
5. The thermal break folding sliding aluminum door is widely applicable to toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, as well as partitions of balconies, halls, wardrobes, rooms, and hotels, etc.

As a China-based thermal break folding sliding aluminium door manufacturer and supplier, at China Aluminum Profile Group we also offer aluminium sliding door, powder coating aluminium extrusion profile, thermal break casement window profile, wood-aluminium door and window, and electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile.

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