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With reasonable section design, the aluminium sliding window looks luxurious, elegant and is flexible, economical and eco-friendly.
The sliding window provides unique structure and excellent drainage performance. There is extra structural design for felt strips compared to the old-styled 70 series sliding window. This ensures strengthened seal between double slide tracks and better water and air tightness of the window.

Equipped with different heat insulating strips, the casement aluminium window can satisfy different energy saving design requirements in regions with diverse climatic conditions.
With high manufacture efficiency, processes including project price, cost accounting, and optimization of materials accomplished using special optimization software, the company provides perfect processing, assembly and installation.

Saving the material, with simple & convenient processing and manufacture, and reasonable part price, the thermal break aluminium window has two colors inside and outside in order to meet the decoration requirements of different customers to the utmost extent.
The thermal insulation aluminum window has good sound insulation, tightness, safety and outstanding cost performance.

China Aluminum Profile Group is a professional aluminium window profile manufacturer and supplier in China. The wide variety of products we offer includes aluminium sliding window profile, thermal break casement window profile, aluminium sliding door, industry aluminium extrusion profile, and much more.

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