Aluminum Alloy Casement Door (Thermal Break Door)

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Aluminum Alloy Casement Door (Thermal Break Door)

1. Product name: aluminum alloy casement door (thermal break door)
2. Frame material: aluminum alloy
3. Glass: I. single glass: can be of varying thickness ranging from 3mm-15mm, tempered glass, low-e glass.
II. double or triple insulating glass, the gap plus glass width can be varied as follows: 12mm,14mm,19mm, 26mm and 30 mm, the glass can be tempered or low-e glass.
4. Color: Common color is white, any color can be customized from RAL color chart upon request.
5. Surface treatment: Powder coated
6. Opening pattern/ style: Side-hung
7. Hardware: I. Germany Roto hardware and other top-grade hardware
II. Chinese hardware (top, middle and common grade)

1. The aluminum alloy casement door uses thermal break cold bridge technology and hollow glass to ensure effective prevention of heat transfer and greatly reduced fuel or electricity consumption, which is very economical and practical.
2. Sturdy and durable, the thermal break door prevents outdoor wind, dust and smoke to keep indoor environment clean and healthy.
3. There are a variety of patterns and surface treatment which includes anodizing, electrophoretic painting, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood grain, and more.
4. It offers unique corner connection and easy assembly. Various opening methods include flat-open, tilt and turn, top-hung, bottom-hung, push-pull, and folding, etc.

We are a professional aluminum alloy casement door manufacturer in China. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality thermal break door, thermal break tilt sliding aluminium door, anodizing aluminium extrusion profile, thermal break aluminium window, and others.

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