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    1. GR58M Thermal Break Aluminium WindowWith good seal between window sash and frame, the thermal break aluminium window provides excellent air tightness and noise insulation performance.
      Two opening modes include in-swinging and out-swinging types.
    1. GR58 Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)The thermal break window comes with bar inserting type design, and uses standard European-style hardware.
      The tilt turn aluminium window only needs a small variety of profiles, and uses the same material for frame.
    1. GR63B Thermal Break Aluminium WindowRequiring a small variety of profiles, the thermal break aluminium window is easy to make. It has two opening modes: the tilt mode and the turn mode. There is complete soft contact between the sash and window, avoiding metallic hard contact. 5mm+9A+6mm thick hollow glass is used to ensure real heat ...
    1. GR69N Thermal Break Casement WindowThe GR69N thermal break casement window is one of our national patented products.
      Specification: GR69N (frame thickness 61 mm)
      The thermal break casement window has excellent heat-insulating property and attractive design.
    1. GR69N Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)Designed on the basis of new concept in Europe and equipressure principle, it provides improved air and water tightness to effectively block heat transfer.
      Equipped with appropriate profile, thermal barrier strip, hollow glass and other accessories ...
    1. GR90 Sliding Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)The sliding aluminium window has reasonable cross-section structure and great wind load resistance, using 5mm+9A+5mm hollow glass. It can be fixed with crescent lock, manual hook lock, or multi-points lock. With luxurious and elegant appearance, the thermal break window is economical, practical and eco-friendly.
    1. GR838 Sliding Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)With superior sound- and heat-insulating and energy-saving performance, the thermal break aluminium window is an ideal choice for high-grade luxurious houses, office buildings, and high-rise buildings.
      Using few materials on average, the sliding aluminum window is easy to process.
    1. HJ2008 Thermal Break Aluminium Casement WindowThe HJ2008 thermal break aluminium casement window provides outstanding performance, with wind load resistance, water penetration, air permeability, heat transmission coefficient and sound insulation conforming to Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings (effective as of July 1, 2005).

1. With reasonable section structure design and strong wind pressure resistance, the thermal break aluminium window is equipped with 5mm + 9 A + 5mm hollow glass. Having deluxe and elegant appearance, the product is economic and practical with outstanding environmental protection performance.
2. With unique top & bottom slide way and edge seal structure design and multi-slideway seal, equipped with double-function heat insulation groove, the aluminum window can achieve the real heat insulation.
3. Saving the material, with simple & convenient processing and manufacture, and reasonable part price, the thermal break aluminium window has two colors inside and outside in order to meet the decoration requirements of different customers to the utmost extent.
4. The thermal insulation aluminum window has good sound insulation, tightness, safety and outstanding cost performance.

China Aluminum Profile Group is a primary thermal break aluminium window manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include an aluminium door profile, aluminium sliding window profile, casement aluminium window, wood-aluminium door and window, aluminium extrusion profile, and others.

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