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    1. 50B Inside Hung Aluminium WindowWith high strength, safety and durability, the inside hung aluminium window is suitable for public high-rise buildings and residential houses.
      Quality hardware fittings are used, which makes the window open and close flexibly, easy to use and lasting.
    1. 50B Outside Hung Aluminium WindowOur 50B outside hung aluminium window has won national patent.
      The universal outside hung aluminum window can be fitted with friction hinges to meet different window-opening requirements.
    1. 50B Tilt Turn Aluminum WindowThe regular tilt turn aluminum window can be designed into in-swinging casement or tilt and turn window to meet different customer requirements in terms of the opening method.
      The window uses multipoint locking, ensuring uniform sealing, safety and reliability.
Casement Aluminium Window

1. With special energy-saving design, the casement aluminium window has favorable air tightness, water tightness, window pressure resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation properties.
2. Extruded profile's sections have standard and systemic design.
3. Equipped with different heat insulating strips, the casement aluminium window can satisfy different energy saving design requirements in regions with diverse climatic conditions.
4. Having outstanding cost performance and saving materials, the aluminum window is economic and practical with high reliability.
5. With high manufacture efficiency, processes including project price, cost accounting, and optimization of materials accomplished using special optimization software, the company provides perfect processing, assembly and installation.
6. With deluxe and elegant appearance, the aluminum window has two colors inside and outside, which can increase the decoration effect.
7. The temperature of extruded profiles and glass is close to the indoor temperature to avoid the indoor condensation phenomenon.
8. With reasonable configuration, U value can reduce to below 2.0 W/m².k.
9. The casement aluminium window can be processed to be inward opening, tilt and turn, outward-opening, top hung, and other types.
10. Manual start up / intelligent start up / remote control

China Aluminum Profile Group is an experienced casement aluminium window manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as thermal break aluminium window, wood-aluminium door and window, aluminium extrusion profile, and aluminium door profile.

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